About Me

 I was born in Washington, DC and raised in PG County, MD. After graduating, I followed my high school sweetheart Reed down to Lynchburg, VA for college and (finally!) married him in January of 2007. We had no intentions of staying in Lynchburg long term, in fact Reed planned on attending seminary at another school. However, when the church we attend (and love) offered Reed a part time job, he decided to keep our family in Lynchburg and take the position.  It was such a difficult decision at the time, but now we can't imagine being anywhere else! Reed has also been working at Starbucks since the spring of '07, and became a shift supervisor soon after that.   

Since graduating from Liberty University we welcomed our first son, Abel Kenneth, in January of '10. He is a delight to this mama's heart, always learning and cracking us up with a sense of humor (and vocabulary) beyond his years. We recently expanded our family when we added Abel's little brother, Micah Anthony, in February of '12. Micah is such a joy, a wonderful sleeper that loves to eat and snuggle. It is our deep desire that God would bless us with more children, both biological and soon through adoption. 

It brings me great pleasure and satisfaction to be a stay at home mama and wife. I love teaching my boys new things, and soaking up every special moment of their fleeting childhood. While I struggle daily with the heavy responsibility of pointing my boys to Christ, I trust that God's grace is enough to cover my shortcomings as a mom. My days are also spent cooking and cleaning,  and doing little crafty things around the house. When I have the time, and the discipline, I enjoy reading. In addition to spending the day with my own two children, I also babysit a 2.5 year old full time in my home. 

We've given up on trying to guess what's next for us, but we're hoping to see some combination of seminary and a full time job for Reed, and adding more children to our family in the near future. But God has changed our plans before and we won't be surprised if He does it again! I'm just along for the ride, trusting my husband and doing my best to support him as we seek the Lord's will for our family.