Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday goings-on

Yard sailing this morning turned out to be a flop... so disappointed! Even if it is threatening rain, it seems that everyone cancels. But there's always next week...and, I use poor yard sailing as an excuse to go thrifting :) So after Abel's nap, we're headed back out!

This morning while Daddy worked, Abel and I hit the veggie co-op and picked up 5 lbs of cabbage and collard greens. For $35, we get 24 weeks of veggies, 5 lbs a week. We also get tons of free corn and a pumpkin! The line was long this morning and the pickings were slim, but we regularly buy cabbage at the grocery store (so getting it cheaper here was great) and I'm looking forward to cooking something new (the collards). Usually, I pick our fresh veggies for the week from the grocery store based on sales. My hope is that this summer nearly all our veggies will come from the co-op. Since I'm planning on making Abel's food when he begins eating solids (in 2 months or so) we will be using the extras for that endeavor.

We visited Reed at Starbucks after picking up the vegetables. I love how Abel looks for Reed when we're there, and how once he finds his Daddy, he just stares at him. The typical handful of people stopped me to coo at Abel, saying how precious and sweet he is. I think that in 4.5 months, I have yet to go out without someone stopping me to talk to Abel. I love it! He gets tons of smiles as we walk by people, but I am surprised at how many people actually come up to us to chat with him, and to ask me his name and age. I've been out with lots of babies, and he really gets reactions like I've never seen. It's nice to know that other people agree with how cute I think he is!

Tonight we're watching the son of a couple Reed and I worked with in college. I first watched this little guy when he was only 2 weeks old, and his mom had to go back to school. She and her hubby had class at the same time twice a week, so I took care of him in one of the academic buildings during that time slot. We still watch him occasionally, and have been invited to all three birthday parties. It's been fun seeing him grow, and I'm glad his parents feel comfortable enough with us to still call and ask us to watch him. I'm glad we're able to help out.

Looking forward to Reed getting home this afternoon! I still get so excited when I hear his car pull up :)