Thursday, March 18, 2010

2 Months!

Abel is two months old today (okay 2 days ago- I'm late posting this), and I can hardly believe it! Not that I'm surprised it's been two months since his birth, but when I realize where we were as a family a year ago, I'm in awe of all that has changed since then. I'm in awe of a God who would guide Reed and I through the sadness of the sudden end of my first pregnancy, and teach us trust and patience as He led us through a subsequent high risk pregnancy. Then, even more trust as we surrendered our plans to His through a dangerous delivery.

Now two months later, here we are. Healthy baby, healthy mama, thankful daddy.

My little man is getting bigger and cuter every day. He is holding his head up more often, and beginning to add a few 'happy' expressions to his repertoire of faces- through we've yet to see a true smile. Abel is getting rounder in the belly, but is still pretty small overall, making his cloth diapers fit funny (so we're currently still in disposables). He began focusing on things in front of his face a few weeks ago, and it makes this mama's heart happy to watch Abel stare at his daddy when they read together.

You might remember that we were following a problem with Abel's kidney from the time I was 16 weeks pregnant with him. We now know one of his kidneys is multi-cystic dysplastic, and is non-functioning. Praise God you can live with one! Over time, the good one will get bigger to take over function for the bad one, and the bad one should shrink away. We'll continue to see a specialist for blood work (to check the good one's function) and sonograms (to check the size of both) for a few years. We also need to be extra careful that Abel does not get a kidney infection by following up with any unexplained fevers (not related to something obvious, like the flu).

I can't wait to bring Abel to Tennessee and Maryland to meet the rest of his family and many dear friends! Until then, here are some pictures:

Abel as a newborn:

One month:

Two Months:

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Finding Time

Now that Abel is here, I'm realizing pretty quickly what my priorities are- I can find time to sit and stare at my little one, but no time to write on my blog! Now that he is 8 weeks old and I've gotten into a bit of a schedule, I am slowly but surely making time for more things in my day. Things like the household chores my husband had been doing and cooking regularly were the first tasks I needed to fit back in, and the luxuries (like blogging) are trying to work their way into my day, too.

But staring at my baby? And snuggling with my boys? You can be sure I do that everyday :)

How could I resist?