Monday, October 10, 2011

Sprayground with Friends!

Have you been to Lynchburg's sprayground yet? If you have little ones, it's a really fun (and free!) place to check out when the weather is hot. We've only made it out once, but I already want to go back next summer!

Abel, Chase, and I met my sweet friend Crystal there with her two little ones, Michael and Meghan, for a picnic lunch. Michael is the same baby I had the joy of caring for when he was a newborn, the year before Abel was born.

Michael then, just a few weeks old

Michael now, 2.5 years old

The sprayground is a slab of cement with spraying fountains all over it. There is also a structure in the middle with a dump bucket that spills out when it's full. Abel was apprehensive at first, but Michael, Meghan, and Chase all jumped right in and loved it from the start.

Meghan, enjoying the spray

Meghan with one of the smaller fountains

Taking a break and hiding her face in Mama's skirts

At only about 10 months, she was definitely more fearless than Abel!

The sprayground had been pretty empty, and even more folks left at lunchtime . Since we packed our lunch, we just took a little break to eat. It was hard convincing the kids that they should come over to the blanket. But that was just a sign that they were enjoying it!

Abel at our picnic blanket wearing the awesome swim diaper I bought from my friend Cassy of LoveMuffin Goods. She's wonderful, and I highly recommend her stuff!

After lunch, it was just about empty. Since school was out for the summer, there were some older kids playing in the morning. But after lunchtime, the boys felt free to wander around the sprayground a little more.

Chase pausing for a picture

With my little man. Love him!

Crystal enjoying her kiddos

Fearless Meghan, at it again! She was headed right for that spray :)

Chase and Abel- I'm pretty sure they think they're brothers

That's just one of the fun things we did this summer. I'm so thankful for these precious days with Abel and our sweet friends!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Abel Makes Me Giggle

Abel and I were out shopping recently when I decided to try a few things on in the fitting room. When Abel saw me changing, he began yelling, "Bath! Mama, bath!" I tried explaining to him that I was just trying on a shirt, not taking a bath. So he asked, "Mama, shower?"

At Walmart a few days later, Abel and I were perusing the aisles when I realized I needed to use the bathroom. I told Abel that's where we were headed, and that we'd finish shopping in a bit. As I drove him in the cart through the store he squeaked, "Potty Mama!" over and over.

Maybe I should stop taking him shopping? He's embarrassing, but so funny!

Abel loves to have me snuggle in his bed. If I walk down the hall near our bedrooms he usually asks, "Bed Mama?" and then runs to his bed. He looks at me, pats it, and sits himself down on one side. Then he will look at me again and say, "Other side bed, Mama." When I lay down all curled up on his toddler bed, he begins giving me his blankets , saying "Blankie, Mama" with each one. This morning we did this little routine, and I was all snug in his bed. Then Abel climbed out of bed and asks, "Dada bed?" So I sent him in the other room to get Reed, who then squishes in to join me in Abel's (toddler) bed. We both fell asleep, and woke up periodically to Abel giving us his other lovies: "Mama, woof-woof" and "Dada, baby." He tucked them in with us, then went back to playing in his room. At one point Abel climbed up with us in his bed, but then left us alone to sleep. I think this may be my new favorite game!

If you need a morale boost, come to our house and use the bathroom. When Abel hears the flush, he will run into the bathroom and say, "Yay Mama/Dada! Pee-pee potty!" It makes you feel pretty good about yourself. More recently, he will also congratulate you on using the shower. When the water cuts off, he throws the shower curtain back and claps while shouting, "Yay! Shower!"

He is such a sweet little guy! I am so thankful to witness all of these little moments. I know he won't remember them, but experiencing his precious personality every day is a gift that I will always treasure. Thank you God for these moments!